Champion Feliz Pied Piper By The Bay

 CH Feliz The Parti's At By The Bay, CGC
Sire:  CH Tehas Feliz Where's The Party
Dam:  CH Feliz Last Tango in Toledo
Whelped November 10, 2008

Piper has everything I was looking for in a potential stud dog.  He comes from a healthy pedigree, and is compact and balanced with a very out going and charming personality.  He is just a joy to take to work, and charms everyone he meets.

Piper's DNA has been analyzed by VetGen,
 and he is NOT carrying for the short-hair or "satin" gene!  

Piper's reach

One of the things that really draws your eye to Piper is his movement.  
The photo to the left shows his extended reach which gives his movement such grace.
Piper Havana Silk Dog Puppy

The photo to the right while obviously a candid shot, shows off Piper's excellent rear, even while moving.

soaped sidePiper soaped frontPiper Soaped Rear
These soaps of Piper accentuate his lovely angles and really show off his head and neck.
Feliz Pied Piper By The Bay
Piper Stacked

Feliz Pied Piper By the Bay

CH Feliz Pied Piper By The Bay

 What an elegant dog Piper has matured into. His coat is pure silk and actually pretty easy to keep clean.  He has a strong desire to please, so grooming him has never been an issue.

At 14 months Piper still is very much a puppy, and will act quite silly in the show-ring.  A little more training is needed, then I'm sure well see some real showmanship from this boy.
CH Feliz The Partis at By The Bay