Cuban Havana Silk Dog

Jr. CH Los Milagritos Evita By The Bay

Sire:  CH Bydand Harry Potter
Dam:  CH Oye Chico la Perla del Eden

Evita's Pedigree
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My good friends Fern Ferre, and Lee Walters are the proud owners of 'Arry and Perlita.  When Perlita had her first litter in August 2008, I was very interested.  Perlita is pure Cuban, and a really lovely bitch.  Having used 'Arry as a stud in the past I knew he too had some really nice genes to pass on.  I was very interested in the black bitches in the litter, and Evita stood out, being quite compact and showing very nice angles.  Two of my foundation bitches were to soon retire, and I found myself basically starting over.  I suggested the name Evita as it is the Spanish form of Eve... my new beginning!

soaped havanese puppy   
These soaps of Evita, at 3 months of age, show she is quite balanced and compact.  We will continue to monitor her growth and health.  So far the package has held together!  Fingers crossed for a successful show carreer, and beautiful puppies in 2010.


                                       Havanese Puppy
5 months                    
At five months of age Evita 
continues to show promise.

Her show debut
will be   
May 16-17 at the        
St. Petersburg, FL show.
Los Milagritos Evita By The bay
8 weeks

Havana Silk Dog almond eye

For a black dog, Ms E is quite Photogenic!
She loves to play outdoors, and on this day
the wind was blowing just right to allow her to show off her lovely dark almond eyes.
Los Milagritos Evita By The Bay
8 months

CH Los Milagritos Evita By The Bay

Evita has matured into a very nice compact bitch.  She stands 10 inches at the shoulder and 10 1/2 at the hips and weighs 10.5 pounds.  Her temperament is just super... she loves to play with her doggy friends, and is just as happy tagging along to work with me as an only dog and sitting in my lap at my desk.   Evita's DNA has been analyzed by VetGen and she is NOT carrying the satin or "short-hair" gene.