Havana Silk Dogs and Puppies raised by Ann and Francis Carille
On Broad Bay Island, Virginia Beach, VA  757-580-3603

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In 1999, after being without a canine companion for several months I began the search for a perfect dog breed for our family.  It seemed I had a virtual laundry list of requirements for our new dog.
  • We have five children, so a dog that was not timid or fragile and liked kids topped the list. 
  • We live on the water and have a pool, so a dog that liked to swim or play in the water was a must. 
  • Two of our children and Fran, my husband, have mild dog allergies so a hypoallergenic dog was important
  • A small breed that would travel well and love car rides. 
  • Something with a longer coat, but a non shedding puppy  (I like brushing dogs... very therapeutic!) 

An Internet search recommended the Havanese breed. Having never heard of them I went to a couple of dog shows and was smitten!  Kolmar's Cherry Margarita, "Rita" was the first to join our family.  She was purchased as a "show dog" in 2000.  It became evident very quickly that Rita was not quite the show dog we had hoped.  She did not like the show ring and had several conformational faults.  

Through those first embarrassing shows I did meet some wonderful people who would in turn become my mentors.  Rita was spayed, and became and official Nanny dog.  

Our first Havana Silk Dog, Bydand Impatiens By The Bay, "Lizzie," came to us in 2003 from Bill and Diane Klumb at Bydand.   Windy, Ch JIMKA Felicitous By The Bay, joined our family the next year thanks to Kay Rodgers.  HSD's are like potato chips... you can't have just one!  And so Windy's daughter Marley came to stay, and was joined later by her Cuban cousin Evita.  The happy tail continues...                                                   

Our Havana Silk Dogs are raised in our smoke free home as family pets first and foremost. Breeding health tested,  happy, well socialized little Havana Silk Dog puppies is our goal.   Please do let us know if you'd like to visit 757.580.3603

Our first litter Havana Snow!
Our First Litter!

Yes... it does snow in Virginia Beach  LOL!  not to often, but we do make sure to record it!  The dogs LOVE it, and it is a blessed novelty (coming from a girl who came from Northern Wisconsin.)  Please note the use of an Ocean Kayak instead of a tobagan...  The dog in the photo is Rita sporting her reggae dred locks or "cords"



Our preferred family outings include sun, surf, kayaking and sand... a dog from the Caribbean suits us perfectly.  
       Havana Silk Dog boating
Puppy Havanese surfing
Ann scubaThe whole family

More photos of our dogs and their offspring are located on the Photo Gallery Page