Oye Chico Perla del Eden
Cuban Havana Silk Dog
Whelped October 17, 2007
Sire: Oye Chico Ebano From Cubanitas
Dam:  Oye Chico Cumbanchera

Perlita is lovingly co-owned by Lee Walters and Ann Carille, and splits her time between Washington DC and Virginia Beach.  Lucky girl has the best of both worlds- city living and relaxing at the beach!  At By The Bay we were very excited to have  Pearl spend time with our pack and have the opportunity to have puppies here.  Perlita is full Cuban, so keeping her in the Havana Silk Dog gene pool is quite an asset.  Pearl's first litter at By The Bay is planned for February 2013.  The Sire will be Starborn Black Tie Affair, "Posh."

Cuban Havana Silk Dog

Havana Silk Dog soaped side

Perlita brings to the table a sweet, funny temperament, wonderful size, perfect dentition, and lovely conformation.
She is a very vocal dog- always has stories to tell in the morning- I just wish I spoke canine Spanish!  Pearl is 9 3/4 inches at the shoulder, and weighs just under 10 pounds.