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Raising a litter of puppies is a lengthy process that begins with quite a bit of advance planning.  Which "bitch" or female, to which "dog" or male? Is she in good physical condition?  What veterinary care does she need prior to breeding her?  What will be going on in my life in the next 2 to 5 or more months?
After their birth I have to be ready to devote most of my day to them.  With almost every litter the birthing process goes well, and Momma does most of the work for the first 2 to 3 weeks.  My involvement consists of  taking care of Momma, record keeping, photography and giving the puppies some early neurologic stimulation, and a lot of cleaning!  Sometimes though a little more intervention is needed with bottle feeding or extra care for Momma dog. At around 2 weeks of age the puppies eyes open and they start to explore their surroundings and will naturally start to poop and pee away from their bedding.  We take advantage of this natural instinct and start litter training them right away by placing a very shallow litter pan right outside of their bed.  As the puppies become larger and more mobile, the size of the litter pan and the space between the bed and litter pan increases, so that by the time they are 10 weeks of age they actively seek out the litter pan to "do their business."
Over the years we have found this to be the most successful way of house breaking puppies.  For those that find having an indoor toilet solution for their new pup is most convenient, this is just perfect, and for those that want to have their pup go "outside" the litter has a similar feel to mulch and grass, and the transition is pretty easy.

Fireball! Best of Opposite Sex

CH Los Milagritos Benito el Bonito "Benny" and Jr.CH & Int. CH BellaLuz Sunsets By The Bay "Fireball!"
Fireball and Benny had a beautiful litter of 3 pups.  Surprising us by being born 3 days early, we named this the "Surprise!" litter.  

Havana Silk Dog puppies

The pups were born early May 6th.  In birth order - "Shock" a black parti male, "Awe" a black masked sable male, and "Amaze" a black parti female.

CH La Vista Taking it to the Max

La Vista Taking It to the Max "Max" and By The Bay Temperance "Brennan"
had their beautiful pups May 24th. The theme for this litter is North Carolina Military Installations to honor our fallen veterans this Memorial Day
Havana Silk dog puppies

In birth order-
"Seymour" a sable with tan points male, "River" sable with tan points female, "Lee" a male black parti, and "Bragg" a male black parti.  
Can you guess which installations they are named after?

Please email Ann for Fireball's litter
Please email Jill for Brennan's litter

Past Litters
here are a few photos from some previous litters

Crosby and Perlita's Cocktails born 1-12-15
Jr. CH Tyburn Woods I get Ideas @ ConcordiaPerlita
Jr. CH Tyburn Woods I get Ideas @ Concordia and CH Oye Chico La Perla del Eden
"Crosby" and "Perlita"
The litter was born early Monday January 12th 2015.  Perlita loves a  party and we hear Crosby enjoys having a good time too, so this will be the Cocktail Litter.
In birth order we have:
 Absolute "Abey"  she is a beautiful compact black female with a white chin, chest, feet, and tip of her tail, and an angle kiss on her neck too.
Grey Goose "Goose"  Goose is a Crosby wanna be <grin> Black Irish Pied male, large white collar, 4 white feet, knees, and tip of his tail.
Stolichnaya "Stoli"  she is a very light sable Irish Pied female.  Nearly the same markings as her brother.  Her coloring will most likely lighten up.  It's going to be fun to watch her color change.
newborn havana silk dog puppies

January 19, 2015.  Abey, Goose and Stoli are one week old!  The week flew by
and the pups are growing so quickly.  Hope you've had a chance to catch them
on the web  cam.

February 2, 2015  The Cocktails are three weeks old
3 week old havana silk dog puppies
The puppies have had quite a few firsts... first nail trims, first "butt" baths, first pee pads etc.  They all seem pretty mellow about it all.  This coming week we will add a litter pan to the whelping box and by the end of the week they will probably be in new quarters.  Time is flying!!

February 16, 2015 the cocktails are now 5 weeks old and are so so fun!  They love to play fight with each other and nibble on our toes :-)  We've begun having visitors and have even made some road trips with more planned.  These pups will certainly be well traveled!
Havana Silk Dog Puppies at 5 weeks

Havana Silk Dog stud                    Havana Silk Dog      

CH Starborns Black Tie Affair and CH By The Bay Temperance
Welcomed their first litter to the world May 18th, 2013.  In honor of Doug and Jill's son entering law school. They are the Law School Litter!  
These beautiful pups have gone to their forever homes.

In order of birth we have, Charlotte School of Law "Charlotte", a black female with markings, Elon School of Law, "Elon", male black irish pied,  University of North Carolina School of Law, "Sweet Caroline",  female black belton,  Campbell School of Law, "Campbell" black male with white markings, Wake Forrest School of Law, "Forrest", male black and tan, Duke University School of Law"Duke" black male.

Havana silk dog puppies

Enzo and Rock-it
January 23rd, 2013

February 6th, 2013 2 weeks

Havana Silk Dog puppyHavana Silk Dog puppyHavana Silk Dog puppy
Havana Silk Dog puppyHavana Silk Dog puppy

This is such an exciting time for us ...  The puppy's eyes have opened, and that gives their little faces such personality.   The next few week we will be
focusing on their socialization- introducing them to many new textures, smells, sights and sounds.  Part of their socialization is grooming, so this week we started with the dreaded nail trims- ugh!  They all did pretty well and I was able to video it.  You can view the video by clicking on videos on the ustream site (upper right hand side)  

February 20, 2013
4 weeks of age
Play play play- that's the name of the game right now!  The pups are discovering each other, toys, and even their mom...  Everything is a potential plaything! LOL
Havana Silk Dog puppyHavana Silk Dog PuppyHavana Silk Dog PuppyHavana Silk Dog PuppyHavana Silk Dog Puppy

October 3rd, 2012       We are very pleased to announce the birth of CH Starborn's Black Tie Affair & CH Los Milagritos Evita By the Bay's second litter!

This is a repeat of our March 22, 2010
Famous People litter (see
blog below) that produce 5 beautiful pups including our Rock-it!

Our tribute to Fernando "Fern" Ferre litter was born October 3rd, 2012

The puppies, four girls and a boy, have been given litter nam
es that are botanical ferns

Daisy Leaf Grape Fern

Rabbits Foot Fern

Christmas Fern

Cinnamon Fern

Stags horn Fern
Here are a few candid shots taken over their first few days... they are quite photogenic!

Week Four
Fast forward to four weeks of age...  The puppies have truly blossomed!  They've started their weekly pedicures, have begun eating solid food,
and have had their first bath.  Videos of some of these firsts can be viewed  on
In the videos the puppies are bathed, then have their first "soap" session.  Stacking the puppy on a grooming table
while they are soaped up, allowed the breeder to better assess their conformation... that fluffy hair really obscures the pup's structure.

What I find really fun about Evita and Posh's puppies is the way they change from week to week...  We knew Cinnamon was going to have
Black and Tan markings, but now her silvering is starting to show too... she is going to be a lovely dove grey with cream colored legs.  Daisy looked
like she was going to be a black belton, then I thought maybe a tri color, but now it looks like she too is silvering so she will probably be a light silver and white.  
The jury is still out on Fern, Holly and Bunny... stay tuned!

Week Six
At six weeks of age the name of the game is "PLAY TIME!"  last week the puppies all wanted to cuddle, and this week it's
"Put me down- I want to play!"  They have been having a blast running around their section of the dogroom, and lately venturing
into the "big dog" side too.  This past week the weather was pretty nice so we were able to squeeze in a few play sessions on the patio
and on the lawn.  Their first time on the prickly grass was hilarious!  Have you ever seen a puppy try to walk without putting
it's feet down <grin>  Playing outside does have it's hazards, but they learn very quickly.  Our patio is two levels with stairs
in between... two of the puppies discovered gravity, and interestingly the other three learned by example!  Their second time on
the patio all the puppies had very good brakes when they got near the stairs!  

And a couple of candids

Week 8 November 28, 2012

Last week was spent in Dewey Beach, DE for Thanksgiving.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the puppies traveled.  Our drive was about 3 hours, and we only had whimpering for the first 15 minutes and no one was carsick!  Our friends that meet us in DE for the holiday were very happy to help with the puppies socialization, so they had lots of play and cuddle time.  There were 22 of us all together ranging in age from 7 to ... well we just won't say how old <grin>  It was a lovely time, and super fun for all.

Most of the puppies have met their new families.  Cinnamon and Fern are going to stay in Virginia Beach.  Fern's new name is Finni, Cinnamon's family
is still mulling over a couple of choices.  Holly will be going to a terrific family in Northern Virginia, and Daisy will be going to North Carolina and
will be neighbors with her brother from an earlier litter Marcel Marceau, now "Tucker"  how cool is that!  Bunny (or "funny Bunny" as we call her
 is still searching for her forever home.  Bunny is an amusing little girl, full of fun and kisses.  She would be perfect for an active family, or someone interested in
pursuing any sort of sports with their dog such as agility, Rally-O or obedience... she is one smart cookie!
Next week we will again hit the road.  This time we will take a 2 hour drive to Richmond, VA for the puppies BAER testing.  Their next trip after that will
be to visit my vet for their first vaccinations and micro chipping.

Week 9 December 5th, 2012

The pup's second road trip was completely uneventful!  Hardly any whimpering, and no potty accidents on the way to Richmond or back!  
The puppies were all angels for their BAER (hearing) testing even though the procedure requires 3 needles to be placed in the pup's head!  The puppies have been doing very well with their potty training too.  Their ex-pen has been expanded to double size, and there has only been one mess outside the litter pan.  While outside they will also go back to the litter pan as long as it's within sight... much like a toddler.  It really is rather amusing to watch... you can see immediately when the urge hits them... they stop playing and frantically look all around for the pan!  So the name of the game lately has been trying to catch that moment, and lead them to the acceptable potty spot.  So far they've been doing quite well.  Monday is the big day at my vet's office.  The pup's will get a full physical with Dr. Hollowell, their first vaccination, 2nd worm check, and... (cue the ominous sound effect) micro chipping.  We all (the vet, the assistants, myself, and the puppies) hate this procedure.  The needle used to insert the chip is HUGE, but it is something that needs to be done for the life long safety of the puppy- so better they associate it with me than their new home.  Speaking of which <grin>  So far two of the pups have their forever names!  Cinnamon is now Margarita "Rita" Sue, and Fern is now "Finni"  Both seem to like their new names quite well! 

BAER testing Havana Silk PuppyBAER Testing Havana Silk PuppyBAER Testing Havana Silk PuppyBAER Testing Havana Silk PuppyBAER Testing Havana Silk Puppy
Week 10, December 11th, 2012
 Havana Silk Dog crate training

This week has been spent re-enforcing the training the pups have already received as well as starting some new... Crate training.  Between our four dogs, visiting Pearlita and the five puppies, the dog room suddenly doesn't look quite so spacious! The puppies also had their first vet visit... vaccines, physicals, micro chips and playtime with the staff.  Everything we very well.  Dr. Hollowell pronounced them all very healthy, and VERY cute!  

Over the next week or so the puppies will be traveling to their forever homes.  It will seem very quiet around here, and we sure will miss the pups, but look forward to lots of pictures and puppy updates.  Happy Holidays "Fern Litter"  enjoy your new families.
Havana Silk Dog puppyHavana Silk Dog PuppyHavana Silk Dog PuppyHavana Silk Dog PuppyHavana Silk Dog Puppy

Evita and Piper's Fall 2011 litter "Jill and Jolene"

Havana Silk DogHavana Silk Dog

October 14th, 2011
  Jolene is born at 11:15PM.  The music playing was by a band called Zac Brown.  Jolene was named after one of their songs.  She is a very pretty little girl, primarily black right now with lots of white markings.  Feet, chin, chest and tip of her tail.  She will probably turn a lovely shade of blue just like her mom, but flashy with all that white.  Jolene's sister Jill took her own sweet time arriving!  At 2:45AM I told Evita that I would give her 30 more minutes and then we were going to the ER.  Jill arrived at 3:00 AM casual as you please <grin>  talk about waiting to make an entrance! Jill is a black belton like her father Piper, but with more black markings.  She will be a flashy girl that's for sure.

newborn Havana Silk Dog Puppies
6 Week update

Twelve weeks has flown by...  Most of the puppies have gone to their new "Forever" homes.  We have decided to keep Reese Witherspoon, and have renamed her "Rock-it"  She and Andrew have been a joy to introduce to life with the family, and are doing very well with their crate and house training.  Both will use the litter pan, but have picked up on the daily routine, and will wait, if they can, to "go" outside.  Andrew will be heading to his forever home soon.  

Havana Silk Dog Puppy 12 weeksHavana Silk Dog Puppy 12 weeksHavana Silk Dog Puppy 12 weeks Updated 6/14/11
The March 22nd Litter at 5 weeks

litter of havana silk dog puppies

Virginia beach puppy

This was a tremendous growth week for the puppies, physically and mentally.  They had lots of visitors, including my 10 year old nephew Nick.  Nick is a very gentle boy and perfect for socializing the pups, and he did a great job.  He couldn't help but have a favorite.  
5 week old havana silk dog puppy

The pups have been spending more time out doors.  One of their favorite toys is actually made for cats!  Its a tunnel that has holes in it to jump through, and is made of a fabric that makes crinkly noises when they walk through it.  What fun!!

havana silk dog puppy

Several of the puppies have teeth cutting through already, so we skipped feeding them "mush" and went right to dry kibble with water on it.  They loved it!  Now I just have to convince Evita that she does not need to nurse the puppies as much.  She would nurse the puppies till it was time for them to go to their forever homes I think!    Other firsts that occurred this week... first car ride, first thunder storm, and first butt baths.  All with little or no reaction!  Full baths will come next week.
3 week old havana silk dog puppies, virginia beach, va
The puppies have become quite a bit more active, and actually had to move out of the whelping box sooner than is normal.
Reese has proved to be quite athletic and was able to pull herself up and over the edge of the box!  To see more
of their antic, please check out the web cam

The March 22nd kids at two weeks of age  4/5/11
Havana Silk Dog puppies 2 weeks of age

Theses photos were taken at two weeks of age. As you can see the pups' eyes have all opened, and William and Reese's eyebrows are really quite prominent. We are really enjoying watching the puppies discover the world unfurling before them. Every day presents something new... nail trims, tile floors, other dogs, cats etc. The puppies socialization escalates with each week. We'll probably start car rides next week, and have a few visitors scheduled as well. We love having visitors, and so do the dogs... if you'd like to schedule a visit, please give us a call!

Newborn Pictures

        William Shatner, male, Black & Tan with a little white goatee… I know it’s already been suggested that his name be Guinness, but we used that last time LOL!  First true Black & Tan we’ve had here, so I’m very excited… he is a cutie pie!   

Havana Silk Dog Puppy Virginia Beach
Reese Witherspoon, female Gold brindle Black & Tan with white markings.  Story behind this one is funny… Evita remains very calm while in labor and tends to let her body to the work instead of straining.  So she is standing there (stop reading if you are squeamish) with the sack of puppy #2 protruding. On her next contraction she does push, and the bubble doubles.  I’m quite concerned that something is restricting the puppy and cutting the sack in two.  With the next push the “second bubble” comes all the way out, leaving what should have been the second puppy in the birth canal!  Second bubble was Reese, who obviously has some competitive issues, and needed to cut in line… Havana Silk Dog Puppy Virginia Beach
Andrew Lloyd Webber, male, black with lots of white markings on his head, neck, feet and tail.  Very flashy boy! Havana Silk Dog Puppy Virginia Beach
Stephanie Mills, female, black with white markings.  Stephanie has a “ying yang” on her head, complete with a black dot (mascara) over her left eye.  She also has lots of white markings on her legs, tail and chest. Havana Silk Dog Puppy Virginia Beach
Marcel Marceau, male, white and black.  Marcel has a reverse widows peak on his head, and Mickey Mouse on his rump! Havana Silk Dog Puppy Virginia Beach

The Six Pack litter, 4 males 2 females born 3/6/10
Evita and babes
Evita was so thoughtful with her first litter.  She waited until 4:00 AM to wake me.  Her first pup was born at 5:00 AM and the last just before 8:00 AM.  The six pack consists of (in birth order) Corona, a male black belton.  He is almost completely white,but has black patches over his eyes... kind of like his daddy, but without black ears, next is Stella, a black female with lots of white markings, feet, chest, chin, blaze, and tip of tail.  Then came Guinness, a male black and white parti.  Guinness has a black mask and ears and a spot on his head and several other black patches.  The next puppy was Pauli.  She is a black female with markings very similar to her mother.  Beck a black and white parti male followed.  Beck is very similar to Guinness, but his spot is on his rump!  Last but not least came Nevada.  He is a black and white parti as well with a black mask and ears and three large spots on his right side.  Very pretty markings on all 6 pups.  Did you figure out the theme yet?   Yep... this is our six-pack!
Corona Extra, Stella Artois, Guinness, St. Pauli Girl, Beck's, Sierra Nevada.

 havana silk dog sixpack

The Six Pack at Three Weeks
So much has changed over the last couple of weeks.  As you can see the puppies have grown quite a bit.  Their introduction to the real world began last week with their first nail trim, and I can honestly say no one enjoyed it except Evita.  Those little nails are tiny and attached to tiny toes, so I'm always a bit nervous.  The puppies have no idea what's going on so they are stressed, and Evita is just relieved that she no longer has pins kneading her as they nurse LOL! Nail trims will continue weekly, and bathing will be added shortly after they start eating solids.  Next week will be the big move to an ex-pen and we will also start receiving visitors.
Havana Silk Dog and puppies

Corona Light "Corona"
Male 3 weeks
Havnana Silk Dog Puppy
Sleepy Stella Artois "Stella"
Female 3 weeks

Havnana Silk Dog Puppy

Guinness "Guinness"
Male 3 weeks
Havnana Silk Dog Puppy
Havnana Silk Dog Puppy
St. Pauli Girl "Paulie"
Female 3 weeks
Havnana Silk Dog Puppy
Becks Beer "Beck"
Male 3 weeks
Havnana Silk Dog Puppy
Sierra Nevada "Nevada"
Male 3 weeks

Socialization has been the name of the game over the last two weeks.  Besides for having lots of new visitors, the puppies have been able to play outside, have had their first car ride, first baths and are now in much larger living quarters.  Evita seems to appreciate the puppies weaning and has enjoyed playing and relaxing on the patio with them.