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By The Bay’s Questionnaire for prospective Havana Silk Dog owners

Please complete the following information and return to me either via email attachment or regular mail.  All information provided will be kept confidential. 



Today’s date:


Your name:


Your street address:


Your city, state and zip:


Your e-mail address:


Phone number:

Best time and method to reach you: 






You are looking for a puppy of what sex?

            __ female

            __ male

            __ female, would consider male

            __ male, would consider female

            __ no preference


Are you looking for a specific color?

            __ yes (if so, what color? _______________)

            __ no

            __ prefer _________________ (but willing to consider others.)


For what purpose are you interested in a Havana Silk dog? (check all that apply)

            __ family pet

            __ obedience

            __ conformation shows

            __ agility

            __ breeding


When would you like to add a puppy to your home?____________


Any puppy sold as a pet may be sold with  limited registration and/or spay/neuter agreement. Do you have a problem with this?

            __ yes

            __ no


Have you spoken with any other Havanese/ Havana Silk Dog breeders?

            __ Yes

            __ No


Are you aware of the physical problems currently found in Havanese?

            __ Yes

            __ No


Have you and your family ever met and played with the breed?

            __ Yes

            __ No


Who else resides in your home, please list ages of children?_______________________________


Do you live in:

            __ apartment

            __ house

            __ townhouse

            __ other (please specify _________________________________)


Do you rent or own your residence?
            __ Rent

            __ Own


Do you have a fenced yard secure enough to hold a small dog?

            __ Yes

            __ No


If not, how will you provide security for your puppy when it is outside or when you are not at home?



Is there someone home during the day, or is anybody able to get home to “potty” a puppy?

            __ Yes

            __ No


Where will this puppy spend the day?

            __ Outside, in the yard

            __ In the house, confined to a puppy-proof area

            __ In the house, loose

            __ In its crate

            __ Other (Please specify ______________________________________)


Will this pup have regular contact with the family during the evening?

            __ Yes

            __ No

How many hours a day will the puppy be left alone?  _______


Where will the puppy sleep?

            __ In its crate, in the bedroom

            __ In its crate, in (fill in room) _________________

            __ In bed with us

            __ In the garage

            __ Outside

            __ Other (Please specify) ____________________________________


Are you willing to attend group-training classes with this dog?

            __ Yes

            __ No


What breed(s) of dog do you have or have you owned?  If you haven’t owned a dog before, please so state.  How many dogs and cats do you presently have, and what are their ages?



If any of the dogs previously owned are deceased, what were the circumstances?


Who will have the primary responsibility for the care of this puppy?


Please give the name, address and phone number of your vet (or one that has worked with you in the past):



Have you ever given a dog up?  If so, why?



What kind of diet (brand name) do you think you will feed your puppy?



What do you expect from a puppy?  For example, would you prefer a very active, outgoing dog or a quieter, more laid back pup?  Please take a little time to tell me what your ideal dog would be like:




I apologize for the length and detailed nature of this questionnaire, but I do my best to improve this breed and that includes finding the optimal family conditions for my puppies.  As a concerned breeder I believe strongly in prevention rather than repair.  The best way for me to make a successful placement for one of my pups is to match it, with its individual temperament, to a family whose personalities and lifestyle will suit it and appreciate its unique qualities.


Please feel free to add any comments and/or questions here.




Thank you for your patience.  I look forward to discussing Havana Silk Dogs further with you after receiving your reply. 



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Ann Carille

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