By The Bay A Little Beach Music

Jr CH By The Bay A Little Beach Musi
Sire:  CH Starborn's Black Tie Affair "Posh"
  Dam:  CH Los Milagritos Evita By The Bay "Evita"

Whelped 3/22/11

This little girl was pushy from the start... Her brother Andrew was making his way into the world, actually had his head out, and Rock-it pushed her way around him!  Thankfully she is not quite that pushy anymore LOL!  She has grown into quite the Daddy's girl, and seeks out Fran whenever she can.  Rock-it's other love is our cat Bob.  She literally squeals when she sees him every morning, and it appears the feeling is mutual.  Bob will allow Rock-it to groom him and will even play fight... as long as he believes no one is watching.

Rock-it soaped sideRock-it soap frontRock-it soap rear
At one year of age Rock-it continues to fill out nicely.  She is 10.5 inches at the shoulder and 11 inches
at the hip and weighs in just under 10 pounds.  I expect she will mature to about 10.5 pounds.    Her size
makes flying a breeze.  Rock-it has already been to shows in California and Florida traveling in her own
special doggy bag.  I've found the center seat has the most foot space so that is my seat of choice when
flying with one of my dogs.  It's always fun to pull the dog out at the end of the flight and watch the
faces of my seat mates... no one ever knows I've got a dog with me, they are just so quiet.

Rock-it's first real show was the 2011 National Specialty.  To our absolute delight, at just 7 months of age, Rock-it was awarded an
Award of Merit!  She finished her Jr. Championship at the Tarheel Special March 2012.
Havana Silk Dog

Here she is "all grown up" although we doubt that is ever going to happen!  
Rock-it has maintained her aura of puppiness, much to the chagrin of Bob-cat.

Rockit on the boat

Rock-it is truly a Beach girl.  She loves to be out on the water or at the
beach.  She has been such a fun girl to have around.